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This album contains 31 of Erik SATIE's compositions arranged for guitar and guitar paired with other instruments and voice. There are guitar tab and standard notation charts available on this site either individually or bundled.


Eddy & the Esoteriks

Ed Eastridge: Guitar - All tracks except;

Mandolin - Embryons No.1, D'Holothurie

William Ghezzi: Guitar - Nocturnes No. 1 and 3, Embryons No. 3, De Podophtalma

Adam Larrabe: Guitar - Embryons 1, D'Holothurie, Danses No. 3

Mandolin - Peccadilles No. 3, Tyrolienne torque

Banjo - Le Picadilly

Draa Hobbs: Guitar- Nocturne No. 2

Pablo Fanque: Guitar - Gnossienne No. 5 (7 string)

Boss RC-20 Loop Station: Guitar Loop- Avante Dernieres No. 1-3

Linda Galvan: Cello - Peccadilles importunes No. 2, Gnossienne No. 4, Gymnopedie Variations No. 2 Pasacaille

Julie Baker: Violin - Gymnopedie Variations No. 1 and 3

Gerry Grimo: Accordion -le to veux, Embryons No. 2, Edriopthalma

Hilary Owen: Flute - Gnossienne No. 4, Dapheneo

Johnny Bishop: Harmonica - Peccadilles importunes No. 1

Claude Richter: Viola - Danses de travers no.2

Anne Greenawalt: Oboe - Airs a faire fuir No. 1, Dames de travers No. 1

Laurie Janney: Voice - Dapheneo, JeTe Veux


Erik Satie Print: (Front Cover) by Josh Yunger Artwork by Bill Germer, Sean DeAngelo Produced by Ed Eastridge Recorded and Mastered by Nate Bagley and Ed Eastridge

Erik SATIE- Music From the House With Four Chimneys

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