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Sweet Georgia Brown



Canadian Sunset



Nit Pickin'



Walkin' With Danny



Harlem Nocturne



Soul Sauce



Danny's Blues



Fingers On Fire



Rumble/Harlem Nocturne



Sweet Georgia Brown


"Danny Gatton Live In 1977-The Humbler Stakes His Claim" This release is comprised of newly discovered and previously unheard recordings made by Danny Gatton's sound engineer Chris Murphy throughout 1977 and 1978. What distinguishes these recordings from other live recordings is that these recordings were actually made with microphones placed in the audience, so there is a real feeling of being right there in the club with glasses clanking and audience responses, rather than the more sterile sound of a board mix.
The set list features some Gatton repetoire standbys such as Harlem Nocturne, two very different versions (one which features a cameo by the late Dick Heintze on Hammond Organ), Fingers On Fire, Nit Pickin', Canadian Sunset and two scorching renditions of Sweet Georgia Brown as well as obscure songs like Cal Tjader's Soul Sauce and two Blues numbers: the slow blues Danny's Blues and the shuffle Walkin' With Danny.
A must for Gatton and guitar fans!!!!!!!

Danny Gatton Live In 1977-The Humbler Stakes His Claim

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